FATE my way for any memorized deck

9,000 USD* or 8541 Euro*
price is only indicative and without any obligation on our part.
We reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

22 pages A4 - eBook - 5656 words (= $1,59 per word)

Text front cover:
If you don't have the book Simply Simon by Simon Aronson
and you don't master a memorized deck,
this eBook is completely useless for you.

Text back cover:
These ladies were very disappointed when they read this eBook.
Their own fault !
They did not own the book Simply Simon and to make matters worse, they did not even master a memorized deck.
They should have read the warning on the front cover.

- Normal deck that can be used afterwards for a next trick or that can be given away
-The chart where the playing card is on the correct date of the calendar is visible to the spectators from the beginning of the trick
- Alternative "endings" for the trick
- Tips
- Etc. etc.
- 6 video clips
- 11 explanatory photos
- 50 personalized and numbered copies will be made (and not one more)

Author's motive for this publication:
If you want to keep a trick to yourself, publish it.
That's hereby done.

*For those who, unfairly find the price of the book a little too high, the price can be negotiated on condition that:
You send me an email with a selfie on which you are depicted with the book Simply Simon in your hands
you solemnly swear that you master your memorized deck perfectly.
However, do not expect the negotiations to end at a price lower than $15.
Mail me HERE if you want to negotiate.

Yours faithfully,

Lasciati ogni speranza, voi ch'intrate
For those who copy this eBook, pass it on or make its content known:
Dante's gate to hell is wide open for you

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here