Busan World Championchips FISM 2018 - the close-up jury

Busan 2018 - 4 of the 7 jury members: Horret Wu, Lu Chen, Maigret and Michael Vincent

Busan 2018 - Memorized Deck 1 (Pit Hartling) meets Memorized Deck 2 (Maigret). Photo taken by Memorized Deck 3 (Michael Vincent)

Busan 2018 - Two people who think the same about "card magic". Michael Vincent and Maigret.

National Dutch Congress 1990 in Groningen: Close Up Gala and lecture National Dutch Congress 1986 in Slagharen: Close Up Gala

1962: more than 50 years ago... 1977: the Magigram on the table and teaching magic to my first son

1980: the famous Scotty York lamp and the Hand of Cleopatra 1980: balancing and turning coins

1988: table hopping at a restaurant (handcuffs always ready ) 2012: every year auctioneer at the 1000€ Magic Contest at Geel

that could be me, but I am not sure