Memorized Deck

C-system for the memorized deck user
only useful and suitable for magicians who master a memorized deck
read the paragraph "warnings" at the end of this page

The result of more than 40 years experience in performing with a memorized deck.

If you read something, it is always useful and wise to know WHO wrote it.About Me

The C-system is my method - AND THE FIRST AND ONLY ONE - that enables you to locate every freely named card in your (memorized) deck and gain control over it in less than 1 or 2 seconds.
This without estimating, glimpsing and adjusting.

Every time bang on. You can do it even blindfolded!
Your deck can be given to the spectator to cut, to shuffle and to do all your other memorized deck tricks with.

To know by heart the exact order of all the playing cards in a deck is one thing. Taking control over a particular card in that order is another thing. The first condition is of course that you know the order of your stack by heart. Your MD becomes not only a deck that permits you to do tricks that are MD-related, but it has become also a very useful tool to do all kinds of other tricks.

1. The content of this book is also in my web-eBook "Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a Memorized Deck". .

2. You MUST master a memorized deck*, otherwise this book is completely worthless for you!
*By a Memorized Deck, we mean a deck where you immediately know the stack number ( i.e., the numerical position in the deck) of any named playing card. And, vice versa, where you immediately know the identity of a playing card at any named number (from 1 to 52).

The first magician who can come up with a system that meets all the features and benefits described in the book The C-system and that is faster and easier than the C-system to achieve the same goal, gets his money back, a public recommendation, an endorsement from me and on top of that $ 100.

Too late.Sold out.
The C-system is explained in my web-eBook "Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a memorized deck".