Tips, tricks and techniques for a
Memorized Deck
all stack independent

Memorized deck 1 (Pit Hartling) meets memorized deck 2 (Maigret). Photo taken by memorized deck 3 (Michael Vincent)
And yet, three different stacks

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Hundreds of pages hide behind the chapters of the main menu.
For instance:
Chapter "Tricks with a memorizid deck" = 71 tricks with explanation (May, 2022)
Chapter "Techniques and tips" = 47 entries
Chapter "Commercial tricks" = 41 entries

This (always growing) web-eBook does not teach you how to master a memorized deck!*
It assumes you already know one. It does not matter which stack order you are using.
It may be the Maigret stack, the Nikola card system, the Aronson or Tamariz system, the Shadow Stack the Joyal Six-Hour Stack, the Redford stack or any other stack.
ALL the material in this web-eBook is stack independent.

This is a LIVING and always GROWING e-Book!
This web-eBook is the only place where so much information is concentrated about the memorized deck.

And last but not least: The system-C !
A system that is capable of locating, producing or let disappear any named card from your MD in less than 2 seconds without estimating, peeking or adjusting !

If you are interested in this web-eBook, you can get more information HERE.

*By a 'Memorized Deck", I mean a deck where you immediately know the stack number
( i.e., the numerical position in the deck) of any named playing card. And, vice versa, where you immediately know the identity of a playing card at any named number (from 1 to 52). This definition rules out cyclic or rosary stacks such as Si Stebbins, Eight Kings etc.

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