Who is Maigret?
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Danny Crauwels
Born in Wilrijk (Belgium) and living in Turnhout (Belgium)
Native language: Dutch.
English, French and German: Reading: 100%, Speaking: 90%, Writing: terrible (but that you have already noticed without a doubt).
With the fictitious name "Maigret", he practices already more than fifty years the art of magic as a hobby.


He studied criminology at the university of Gent (RUG) and at the university of Leuven (KUL) . He was a Chief Constable for thirty years. Meanwhile he was for more then twenty years docent at the Police Academy of Antwerp (exceptional criminal law) and teached the subject environmental law at the university of Antwerp (UIA). During seven years he assisted the Senior Crown Prosecutor and executed the function of Public Prosecutor at the courts of Turnhout, Mol and Herentals. Recently he is retired.


It is therefore not astonishing that, when he performs as a close-up magician, he creeps into the skin of Commissaire Maigret, the famous detective-figure in the books of Georges Simenon. In his acts he fights against crime with the accent of a Parisian Chief Constable who tries to speak Dutch. Until now he is still the only Belgian magician who is invited twice to perform in the gala close up shows of the yearly National Dutch Magic Congresses in the Netherlands. He performed in close up gala's together with Richard Sanders, Trevor Lewis, Mark Leveridge, Patrick Page, David Harkey, David Williamson, Dick Koornwinder and others. All nights long he could chat with Tommy Wonder about close up magic, both smoking cigarettes like Turks. (Jos (Tommy) used shag and rolled them himself)
Maigret is known for his act were he solves the murder on a Dutch police officer in the red district of Paris and for helping the Queen of Hearts giving birth while he solved at the same time a terrible rape. Humor, but at the same time tricks of a high level are his device.


In 2018 I became an official FISM judge.
I was a jury member at the World Championships FISM 2018 in Busan (Korea) for the close-up competition.

Memorized deck:

In 2010 I devoloped with the help from specialists of a memory-clinic, a unique, and until now the only system and method that is specificly aimed to memorize a deck of 52 playing cards. The system uses, among other things, parts of our memory that are never used before in such systems. The system is called the Maigret system. I wrote a book about it, "The stack and system Maigret", endorsed with a forword by Gerrit Brengman, Vice President of the FISM. It is only available in Dutch. The late and very respected "memorized deck fan" Dennis Loomis (USA) who contributed a lot to this specific niche of card magic, was very enthousiastic about it. (altough he was addicted to the Aronson stack) He wrote: "Thanks so much for sharing this information. Lots of food for thought. A whole refreshing new look at memory and mnemonics." and "This is exciting because it's new ground." He was eager to translate the book in the English language, but due to personal circomstances (from my part) he could only translate a few pages. Dennis died in April 2013. May this web-ebook also be a tribute to Dennis.
95% of the above text was written by Dennis Loomis himself in 2010. He wrote it while he was working on the then still planned translation of my book.

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